How to: Live Tweet While Presenting

I recently gave a speech at the PRSA Summit in Birmingham Alabama. It was on the topic of bridging the generational gap between Millennials and the other three generations biding for workplace domination. Oh, and I was live tweeting at the same time.

How to: Get a Job Without a Resume

In today’s day and age, accountability, efficiency and efficacy are making room in the budget for line items like: character, image and reputation. The most valuable product produced by your company is no longer a tangible asset or a service. It’s you. Your brand. Whether businesses fold, fizzle or flourish, one core asset remains. Positive or not, it’s you. Your brand. 

Why I Do More Than You

If we’re all given the same 24-hours in a day, why do some people seem to accomplish so much more than others? Here’s what I do to ensure I am one of those people.

Sleep Less – If you were given three extra hours in a day, how would you use them? That’s a question I ask myself every morning when I wake up after 5 hours of sleep. Thomas Edison regarded sleep as “a heritage from our cave days (he only slept three to four hours a night).  Other notable figures who run on little shuteye:  Marissa Mayer, Jack Dorsey, Ryan Seacrest, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Herb Kelleher and Kelly Ripa – all who average four to five hours of sleep a night.